Campers Share Inexplicable Experiences They Had In The Woods

You’re camping alone in the dark woods and come across a shadow or transparent figure off in the distance. These types of stories are common amongst many campers, and for some reason they could not find a logical explanation. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, campers have seen things they cannot explain, and it’s up to you decide if it’s paranormal in nature or just their imagination.

35. Sleepwalking Conversations

I was in a cabin with 4 other people. I woke up at about 5 am and they were all sleep talking to each other. They were grunting, mumbling, shaking, and everything else a person mid-sleep would do. All four of them were actively engaging in some kind of primitive sleep talk at the same time and towards each other. It scared me to no end. In the morning, I told them about what happened and they didn’t remember a thing. What probably happened is one started sleep talking and it set off the rest of them.