Couples Who Speak Different Languages Share Their Hilarious Misunderstandings

One of the most important elements of building a successful relationship, particularly a marriage, is communication. It may not always be easy to see eye to eye, but being able to effectively communicate with your spouse and understand one another is critical in making sure both of your needs are being met.

That being said, every relationship has its problems and obstacles. And as far as communication goes, those issues tend to be particularly thorny in relationships when the spouses have a language barrier. Just take it from the following people, who recently shared stories about their most hilarious misunderstandings with partners speak a different native language.

51. Puppy Love

When I first met my now wife, she thought every baby animal should be prefixed with puppy, as in puppy dog.

So there were puppy cats, puppy birds, puppy sheep, puppy horses etc… It was gold. It was so funny that nobody told her it was wrong.

She got me back by teaching me how to say “I’m tired” as “I’m stupid” in her language. So when we moved to her country to live, revenge was taken.