Escape Room Employees Share The Weirdest Things They’ve Witnessed

Escape Rooms are relatively simple in concept: You go into a room, solve some puzzles, use the provided clues…and escape. But they’re actually much more than that. They’re totally immersive experiences—from a Victorian, Sherlock Holmes Escape Room in Paris to Mission: Mars in Orlando, each new company tries to out-theme and out-smart the last. With so much competition around the world, Escape Rooms have begun creating more and more complex puzzles to solve.

In fact, depending upon the difficulty of the Room, fewer than 20% of people actually manage to escape by solving these puzzles. It’s no wonder that customers sometimes resort to strange, often ridiculous means to get out. There is nothing like the sweet taste of victory. Here are a few of the top Reddit stories of Escape Room shenanigans, told by those who participated or the employees who watched them do it.

#1 Family Problems

The most awkward is when you see legitimate borderline verbal abuse in families, usually from the dad to the children. Some people forget that this is just a game. This stuff hurts my soul.