Famous People We Lost You Didn’t Know Had Died

They are the faces and names behind some impressive accomplishments and eye-catching headlines, but chances are you didn’t know these memorable stars are no longer with us.

Omar Sharif

Omar Sharif is best known for his turns in Doctor Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia, but the talented Egyptian actor was a force of nature in film for more than six decades, up to his latest turn in 2013’s Rock the Casbah. Younger fans may remember him from Antonio Banderas’ The 13th Warrior, or the Viggo Mortenson film Hidalgo.

In 2015, Sharif was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He suffered a heart attack later that year and passed away on July 10, 2015, in Cairo, Egypt.

Amanda Peterson

In 1987, 15-year-old Amanda Peterson leapt into the spotlight and tugged at the public’s heartstrings with her breakout film, Can’t Buy Me Love. It was a shining moment that faded quickly for the teenage star. Can’t Buy Me Love was, tragically, her career peak. In the 10 years following its release, Peterson fell victim to drug addiction and was arrested for on different occasions for assault and drug possession.

In July 2015, Peterson’s body was found in her home after her family became concerned that she hadn’t talked with them for two days. The 43-year-old had a mix of drugs in her body, and cause of death was attributed to respiratory failure.