Fantastic Historical Photos You Need to See

Some capture amazing events unfolding, others are long-forgotten and unreal blasts from the past.

Flying With Style


The 1960s, a time period when being a flight attendant was high up the list for dream career for many women. The media glamorized them as full of life, young, intelligent and happily single. These women of the air traveled the world in style and were able to visit destinations their friends and family could only dream about.

In its earlier days, air travel was usually reserved for those with cash to spare and the women who looked after them were as fashionable as a runway model. They were also expected by many airlines to retire by the age of 32

Soldier Down!

Image: ebaumsworld

It looks like an individual has fallen in the midst of a ceremony, something he won’t mind everyone forgetting. Unfortunately for him, history has this photo to keep reminding people.

During a 1970 Trooping the Colour parade, this British soldier passed out at the very moment Queen Elizabeth and her brigade was strolling past. Was it nerves? Probably not, since the heat and his heavy red coat attir was more likely the culprit.

The Hindenburg Disaster


This instantly recognizable historical photo was snapped on May 6, 1973, and captures one of the 20th century’s best-known disasters. Ninety-seven people were on the Hindenburg that fateful day, half of its actual capacity.

Filled with hydrogen, Germany’s Hindenburg was a passenger airship filled with hydrogen. While attempting to dock at a mast at Naval Air Station Lakehurst the Hindenburg caught fire. Thirty-six people were killed, and all of it was caught on film.