Fed Up Bosses And Managers Share Their ‘Worst Employee Ever’ Stories

Managing a business isn’t easy: you have to deal with the day-to-day challenges of making the best of your resources and dealing with customers. You also have to deal with employees, some of whom merely exist to inflict various levels of frustration on their bosses and manager and in the process, inspire our more violent tendencies. We all know them: the ones who perpetually come in late, who are never at fault for anything, who never pull their weight, who have an excuse for everything under the sun. Worst employees.

Perhaps the only people who suffer at the hands of these employees more than their co-workers are the bosses themselves who end up paying (literally) for their behavior.

Some are tolerable and some are straight-up nightmares. Just ask these bosses and managers on Reddit who share their worst employee stories. From chronic lateness to theft, here are worst employees managers have had to deal with!

A business manager trying to deal with a good employee who has a bad attitude.

#25. The Pathological Liar/Video Game Addict

The company I work for is pretty hard to get into, even if you have an impressive resume or an awesome reference. Unfortunately, we had a new client. In 1 quarter his business would keep our lights on for about 10 years. He asked if his cousin or “little nephew” could have an entry-level position at our company and we reluctantly said yes.

The kid surfed the web all day looking at cars to buy. Whenever we’d ask him if he completed a task he’d either lie to us and say he did or say he didn’t know how to do it and didn’t want to bother any of us for help. Then he brought in all of his gaming systems into the conference room saying that clients could play them while they waited. Which would have been nice but he played games in the conference room all day. So it came to a point where we gave him the least amount of work to do (ordering paper, delivering lunch, etc).

Two years later the client comes to us and says that he’s going to have his nephew handle the work he was giving us to help him start his own consulting firm. Apparently, the kid lied like no other, making his uncle believe that he was helping run our company.

3 months later he came back to us for our business. Nephew tried hiring a consulting firm to the side to do his work so he could play Sonic the Hedgehog all day.

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#24. The Food Bandit

Lazy, incompetent, couldn’t handle any criticism, and she stole my food! She was very overweight and anything I ate she would stare down and be like, “Ohhhh my godddd that looks so gooood” I was the manager of a very small business, just me and two girls under me, so we spent a lot of time together. She would talk about how she couldn’t buy groceries or keep her utilities on, but she wanted to have another baby. And she was cheating on her husband. I hated her so much it gave me anxiety. She messed up my business too because of her mistakes, and our clients hated her. I eventually told my boss it was her or me. Boss didn’t like confrontation so I said okay and took a job elsewhere. The girl ended up getting fired but it was too late. I wasn’t going to stick around after that.

Oh, and several times she took her medication during the day (I think they were meant to be taken at night) and leave. She slept through the phone ringing and me yelling her name because I needed help. Ugh. I get mad just thinking about it!

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#23. The One That Worked With Math

Hired a summer laborer, as his aunt was a close friend. He shows up the first day: 5’5″, 375 lbs, 16 years old. I put him to work digging. “No one dies working for me,” I said, “Work at a pace that’s comfortable for you, but do keep working. Drink lots of water!” I come back 30 minutes later and he gets in my face (literally) and says, “I was not raised to do work like this, I was raised to work with math!” That was just the beginning. I fired him two weeks later and apologized to his aunt. When I told her why I fired him she chewed him out. Turns out he had never even mowed a lawn. Total mama’s boy!