Frightened People Share Spooky Urban Legends From Their Country Or Town

Every town is unique in its own special way. From the best go-to hang-out spots to the yummiest places to eat at, there are things that are specific to a place that only the people who live there are privy to. Included in this are the urban legends, ghost stories, and tales of horror that are passed down between generations. Whether it’s a creepy, broken down building that people claim is haunted, a certain place in the woods where people swear a ghost lives, or a curse put on the entire town from centuries ago— almost every town has some variation of an urban legend tied to it.

And while some may seem a little more far-fetched than others, all you can do is take it from the people who actually live there, such as these people who have shared the urban legends from their own countries and towns.

43. Emily’s Bridge

Vermont has Emily’s Bridge.

Emily was planning to run away with her boyfriend. They decided to meet at the Gold Creek Bridge, near Stowe, VT. He never showed up, so she jumped off the bridge. People say if you drive across the bridge at night you’ll hear some weird noises, or see things, or you’ll find some new scratches on your car.