Frustrated People Share Their ‘And That’s Why I Hate My Neighbor’ Story

Arguing and butting heads with your neighbor is never a pleasant experience.

It makes sense that you’ll get into a few tiffs with those living closest to you. But most of the time, all issues are resolved and the parties involved can move on. But what happens if they can’t?

If you’ve never been cussed out, had your property vandalized, or had to call SWAT on a neighbor, consider yourself lucky. Not everyone shares this luxury.

Find out why these people have every right to genuinely hate their neighbors!

#1 Creating Their Own Potholes

I moved onto a dirt road with several houses on it. My friend has lived down the road his whole life. The people next to my house only come up for the summer and are never there in the winter. When summer comes, however, there are multiple potholes on the road. Curious, I asked my friend. He said the neighbors come up in the summer and dig the holes themselves in order to ‘slow down’ traffic. So, that.