Furious People Share The Worst Thing A Houseguest Had Done In Their Home

Opening your home up to a houseguest is one of the most generous things you can do. Your home is a precious place in your life and to allow a friend, family member, or sometimes even a stranger enter it and stay the night can be a big leap of faith and courteousness.

When you let somebody stay at your home you trust that the person is sane and understands some common-sense rules for being a guest. You know, things like not stealing or breaking valuable things. Or not driving your car through the front of your house.

Yes, that’s right. Those are just a taste of what these Redditor’s had to experience during some of their worst houseguest experiences. You will never believe the indecency in these people.

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#25 Next Time Hide the Keys!

We (the family and I) were going on a trip, and we told a family friend he could crash at our house while we were gone but he would have to take care of things and pay for his own food and such. Halfway through our trip, we get a call from the police. Apparently, he threw a huge party which trashed the house, then proceeded to take one of our cars and drive it through the front of the house, totaling the car and collapsing most of the front wall.

This was last week. We had to cut our trip short and come home to deal with this. We are currently in the process of pressing charges.