Horrified People Reveal The Moment They Realized Their Friends Were Absolute Monsters

When out and about in the world, we’re bound to meet all sorts of people. Some are nice, some are mean, some are quiet, some are loud—and some are just plain weird. At what point in a relationship with another human being does one come to the realization that certain people may be just a little too odd—beyond the line of acceptability and at the point where it’s probably best to try and cut the relationship short?

That’s the question that these people were asked, and experience is the best teacher! Here’s how 42 people who have been in these scenarios decided that it was time to distance themselves from someone they knew.

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#1 Whose Blood Was He Donating?

I once went on a date with this guy I met who used to donate blood at my work. We went to dinner and it went pretty well. After dinner, we decided to continue talking in his car, we started making out for a while and eventually stopped it since it was getting a little too hot and heavy for a first date. We continued talking in his car and this is when he decides to talk a little too much about how he really enjoys getting intimate and extremely violent games.

Any time I tried to change the subject, it would always go back to that. He then tells me that he especially enjoys knife play and would love cutting me some time, and that he enjoys watching videos of people getting slowly cut. I played it off saying I wasn’t into that kind of thing and told him it was getting pretty late and I should go. I haven’t seen him since.