Hosts Share The Rudest Thing Their Guests Has Ever Done

Ben Franklin compared house guests to fish because they both start to stink after a few days. Sometimes, guests don’t even have to stay the night to get all up in your grill and ruin your life. You may not have any control over the people you’re related to, but you’re well within your rights to kick them out of your house if they pull any of these cheap tricks.

35. Don’t Hate The Player

A friend of my dad lost his house, and we had a former B&B so we invited them to stay with us. We housed and fed them for weeks while they found another place. For that, we got roaches, criticisms of our food (my dad was the executive chef at a freaking country club and was a darned fine cook), but that wasn’t the worst for me, then in my late teens.

The day they left, I went to play my favorite game on PlayStation: Sled Storm. Couldn’t find it. Overturned everything, but I couldn’t find it. In searching, I noticed something even worse. My SNES, all games, and half my N64 games were missing in addition to Sled Storm. They had stayed with us as a favor and stolen half my stuff that I had paid for with birthday money saved up over years. Screw those people.