Insane Moments From World History

Let’s face it: while important figures in history may have had some serious titles to uphold, they certainly weren’t immune to the hilarity of being human. They were just as prone to making mistakes, pulling pranks and stirring up trouble as the descendants (us…) that they left behind.

Emperors, princes, presidents, war leaders, philosophers, and many other of histories greatest people have left some pretty funny stories behind from their time in power. You might not think that war and politics would be natural sources for comedy gold, but as our ancestors show, sometimes the horrors of battle or the mundanity of politics produce some real knee-slappers.

45. I’m Sailing Away

During the Russo-Japanese War, the Russians sent their Baltic fleet to Japan in the worst way possible, which included firing on British fishing ships and almost starting another war, firing on their own ships, taking clothes fit for Russian weather while travelling around Africa, and accidentally trying a lot of substances. Then, when they got to Japan, they were sunk almost immediately.