Lucky People Share Their Incredible Stories Of Survival

You wake up, go to work, and go to sleep. Most days, you don’t think about a rocket possibly hitting your home or running into a pack of coyotes. However, life is a roller coaster, and you might find yourself in a situation that will change your life. These brave people faced horrendous situations, but managed to overcome.

43. Chains Of Misery

I was working in an office one night when someone attempted to break in. I had shut and locked the door and put a desk in front of it. Being that I was on the 3rd floor, going out the window wasn’t an option, and I couldn’t have fit anyways. They bashed the door repeatedly, first breaking the lock (although thankfully not realizing it). I called 911 and was told to be patient (this was December with a blizzard happening). They then managed to break the bottom hinge and a minute later the upper hinge. At this point, the door is held shut by the desk and my body. Thankfully there was a wall across from the door that I could brace my foot against. They got the door opened about 2 inches for a second and I managed to get it shut and the desk readjusted. At this point I was tired of being told by the 911 operator to be patient and just started crying. Shortly thereafter the police showed up. The whole thing was only 15 minutes, but probably the scariest 15 minutes of my life. I later found out that the guy had a heavy chain and had every intention of beating me with it if he got in.

42. Battling The Wildlife

when I was young (around 16) I went hunting with my dad and we went out pretty deep into the woods and very abruptly he said he heard something and told me to stay put, so I did. he was gone about four hours before I realized that he was not coming back so I tried heading back to our camp but I was really lost so I figured that I would have to find somewhere to sleep and I could look for camp in the morning so I ended up making a fire (I had some protein bars and a flint and steel) so I made the campfire and I set up a little hut out of branches and I quickly realized the fire was a mistake but I woke up about a half hour to a coyote sniffing at me and group of them behind me and like the dumb 16-year-old I was I tried to fight them. Luckily I woke up in the hospital the next day.