Octomom, the Parent the World Loved to Hate and What She’s Doing Today

She’s faded from the public spotlight, but there was a time when ‘Octomom’ and her 14 children were all anyone wanted to talk about.

Big Hopes

Image: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

As an only child born to immigrant parents (her father is Iraqi and her mother Lithuanian), Nadya Suleman grew up on a perpetual quest for belonging and emotional bonding with other people she never had with the absence of brothers and sisters. All she wanted as an adult was to have a loving family of her own so that she could develop the connections she never had as a child with her own children.

In her pursuit of family happiness and the want for a large family, events would unfold that would change her life in big way. Hers would be a story that some would embrace as a miracle. Others looked at it with disdain.