People From Around The World Share Crazy Wedding Stories

Weddings can be the best day of a couple’s life. A day you bring your friends and family together to celebrate your love and starting a life together. Unless you are these people. We scoured the internet for some of the worst wedding stories out there, in an attempt to prove that all you need is love, and maybe some luck to get through your happy day.

25. Never Lock Your Knees

I was a groomsman in a wedding for my uncle and his fiancée. I was maybe 14 and pretty nervous. I stood up straight as a board, knees locked apparently. It turns out when you stand up with your knees locked you start a pass out timer.

My timer ran out during the vows, my recently widowed mother was losing her mind, arms flailing wildly in the air as she ran to check on me screaming, “OH MY BABY, MY BABY!” Over and over… the wedding was paused as 10 people rushed to save me…

We still watch it on VHS from time to time, pretty funny these days… my other uncle didn’t put me in the wedding party a couple months later, never found out why.