People Share The Most Satisfying Time A Spoiled Kid Got Exactly What They Deserved

There is nothing worse than spending time with a spoiled brat. They are loud, demanding, and expect the world to constantly spoonfed to them. Many of these little jerks glide through life on luck, false charm, and a surplus of family money. However, sometimes their privileged, entitled attitudes catch up with them! Karma has a way of coming back to snotty, stuck-up kids– especially those who dish out an excess of sass!

Kids who are consistently spoiled hardly expect for their lives to be compromised by any outside forces. It makes it that much more fulfilling for their victims when kismet catches up with them! Some lose their privilege, others lose their dignity, and some even must let go of their treasured, expensive possessions. At the end of the day, there isn’t much that’s more satisfying than watching a cruel child get what they deserve. These Reddit users have all watched the downfall of snotty kids, and their stories are as satisfying as they are hilarious!

#1 Bratty Boy’s Rosebush Crash

I worked at Taco Bell in high school. At the time, we had kids’ meals. This kid comes in with his parents and orders a kids’ meal. Apparently, he had been in recently and already had that toy. He started screaming at me to get him another toy. His dad looked at me with an absolutely dejected look on his face and begged me to go get the toy. I dug through the new box of toys, and found one. The kid ripped it out of my hands and ran outside… directly into a rose bush.

My coworker was legit laying on the ground laughing.

#2 Loud-Mouthed Brat Donating Prized Possessions

I used to work at a women’s shelter. Christmas time rolls around and a man and his sour-puss teenaged son come to the door. He says his son would like to donate some items to the kids staying at the shelter. Great! The man and his son start hauling in some expensive items. There was an Xbox, a bunch of games, a flat screen, iPod, a cool headset, etc. Turns out the kid ran his mouth and the Dad made him give everything to the kids. Christmas was pretty cool for our gang that year.


#3 Consequences For (Literally) Monkeying Around

I went on a bushwalk in Singapore and there are pretty clear signs around not to feed the monkeys as they can get aggressive.

Anyway, there were these two boys around the age of 8 swearing and throwing sticks and rocks at a little monkey in a tree. The dad was standing there laughing and allowing this to go on. I was about to say something when one of the kids ripped open a bag of skittles and started throwing them.

The monkey immediately ran down from the branch and snatched the skittles; at the same moment another three monkeys came out of nowhere, and in an epic display of monkey-justice, swarmed the kids, making them and the dad run away for dear life.