People Share Their Lucky ‘One Second Later And I Was Done For’ Story

Life is precious, but too often we forget that. Many of us get caught up in our mundane, day-to-day routines that we forget to take a step back and truly appreciate our lives. It’s far too easy to overlook how quickly it could be taken away from us.

Among the few times that we do remember not to take our lives for granted is during a near-death experience. If you’ve ever had a brush with death, you know how harrowing and alarming it can be.

It doesn’t matter if you attribute your fortune to a higher power, fate, or just sheer luck; all you know is that you’re just grateful to be alive. Just take it from the following people, who recently took to the internet to share stories about their scariest “one second later and I would have died” moments.

#1 Avoiding The Pane

Outside of my college dorm, there was this “stoop” at the bottom of my 18-story-tall building. I was out there sitting on the steps and I got up for no reason. As soon as I got under the building, a huge sheet of glass fell right where I was sitting. Some idiots were messing around on the 11th floor and knocked a giant window pane out of its mooring.