People Share Their Terrible Vacation Break Up Stories

Vacation is a time to unwind and relax. Being in a new city or country helps us gain perspective and can provide us with new insight about our lives back home. If you have someone special in your life, naturally it makes sense to go on a trip together. You want to deepen your relationship and have an adventure, right? This makes sense in theory, but couples sometimes find that the stress of travel is too much for their relationship to handle. The big problem is, once you are out there you usually have to finish your trip together before you can go home and unpack the “baggage”. Here are 52 vacation break up stories that show just because you love someone doesn’t mean you can travel with them.

52. Talk About Fantastic Timing

I was 16 and totally head over heels for my best friend since I was 8. He felt the same way, we long-distance dated for about 8 months. Before going on a trip to Italy, I call him and he seems distant on the phone. I chalk it up to stress or whatever and go to Italy promising to bring him back something great. I spend the whole trip wearing the gaudy dolphin necklace he gave me and spent an insane amount of money on a Ferrari remote-controlled car at the Ferrari HQ. I come back from my trip, call his house, and his dad answers. I ask to speak to my boyfriend, and he says “oh, he told everyone you guys broke up before your trip.” I gave the car to my little cousin.