People Who Came Into A Ton Of Money Share Their ‘Can I Have Some’ Horror Stories

Stumbling into sudden riches is often as overwhelming as it is invigorating! While having cash to spare isn’t a bad thing, unexpected fortune can bring out the worst in those closest to you. They may anticipate a cut of the cash, sneakily withdraw your dough, or expect you to provide for them on command. Sometimes, lending this money may be a reasonable, empathetic decision. However, when demands become massive, wild, and even aggressive, the luxury of riches can become a living nightmare!

Unfortunately, becoming rich can come with plenty of relationship downfalls. When cash-vultures swoop in to attack, getting away from them can be a lengthy, frustrating, and even dangerous process. From fending off horrific lies to battling family members in court, the experience of protecting newfound riches can shake you to your core and shatter your connections. These are Reddit users who faced some problematic friends and family once money came their way!

#1 Thieving Bonds For Brand New Home

I didn’t inherit a lot. But, back in the early 90s, when my brother and I were in elementary school, my parents were trying to buy a house. They couldn’t afford the down payment so they asked if they could borrow our bonds ($5000 each) and repay us later. They got the house but I never saw that money again. It was something our grandparents gave us for college one day.