Professionals Share When They Had The Hardest Time ‘Staying Professional’

Spoiled rotten food is a no-brainer. If your food goes past its expiration date or sits on the counter too long, you throw it out or add it to the compost pile. Easy. Spoiled people, though, are a different story.

We’ve all heard stories about spoiled people with their entitled attitudes or their fits of rage to get what they want. What exactly is spoiled? After all, spoiled people come in all shapes, sizes, ages and wealth.

It’s not a matter of too much love, and it’s not the act of receiving everything you want or being handed everything. Spoiled is the belief that you’re entitled to everything and you will do anything and act in any way to get it.

If you’ve ever seen a child throw themselves upon the ground, kicking and screaming, only to be calmed by the toy they desire, you know spoiled. If you’ve ever seen a YouTube video of an adult crying over receiving the wrong color car, you know spoiled.

Here are the best stories from Reddit of spoiled rotten people and the way they act. How many stories could you tell?

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#1 Call the Police

I was at the Ford dealership getting my oil changed and killing time by walking through the big showroom. There is a Mustang GT350 sitting in the middle with a huge bow on it and folks gathered around waiting for someone. Minutes later the family comes in with their son, who immediately yells about wanting it in blue instead of black, and denting the passenger door with a swift kick.