Ridiculous Photos Guaranteed to Make You Say “What Is That?”

Do you think your life is strange? Wait until you see what we have in store for you with this curated collection of head-scratching images from around the world.

Maybe You Should Plug That In?

Is this a case of necessity being the mother of invention? Or is it someone deciding to have a little fun with the weather outside their bachelor apartment and they just want to get out of their cramped quarters for a spell?

The wetsuit is an added bonus for the full visual effect. Now, if it were possible to actually use a vacuum to clear away snow, the world would be a very different place. Just ask the parka-wearing person in the background.

The Style Strut

Is the concept of style strictly a human thing? We all know people didn’t seem to mind puttering about in their birthday suits back in the Stone Age, but somewhere along the way somebody’s privates got covered and the rest is history.

As a result, clothing has become what helps define people. Could it be birds are embracing that same concept? Is what we’re witnessing here a first step towards stylin’ pigeons? If so, somebody better start making a boatload of teensy, tiny scarves.

The Poor Man’s Safety Net

Every kid loves a slide. Even some adults, depending on how many shots of Jagermeister they’ve imbibed and whether or not their buddies are filming it for Twitter. The rule when it comes to playground equipment has always been the more dangerous it looks, the more fun it usually is.

Let’s do the math. One relatively steep slide capable of propelling a person at a high velocity combined with one immovable equals a point of impact collision guaranteed to get oodles of retweets.