Secretive People Share Their ‘We Will Never Speak Of This Again’ Story

We’ve all been caught in the middle of an awkward interaction that, by the end of it, you and the other person involved share a knowing look that says: “We will never speak of this again.” Maybe you mistook one another for two completely different people and only realized once it was too late to turn back. Maybe the ordeal was one-sided, and you saw or heard something you weren’t supposed to.

The only appropriate response to the situation would be to pretend it never happened and to never speak of it again. We asked the internet to tell us their greatest “we will never speak of this moment again” stories, and they delivered. Whether you can relate or not, you will enjoy the hilarity of the following awkward stories.

#1 Did She Think It Was For Him Or Did She Put Two And Two Together?

My high school girlfriend asked if she could mail some lingerie to my house because she couldn’t pass off getting mail when her parents collected it. Fine with me, my family is very serious about personal privacy. However, my neighbor wasn’t, and the mailman delivered it to her house. She opened it not realizing it was addressed to my house.

She panicked, not knowing what to do, and brought it over. I wasn’t home, so my older sister took it for me and left it on my bed. When I returned home, all my sister said was, “There’s a package on your bed and we’re never speaking of this again.” I found it hysterical, my girlfriend was absolutely mortified.