Terrified People Share The Scariest Thing They’ve Woken Up To In The Middle Of The Night

Life has the tendency to throw some inconvenient situations into our daily routines. You’re late to work and you can’t find your keys; you forget to charge your Bluetooth speaker before your trip to the beach; you barely have enough brown sugar for that cookie recipe: sometimes without reason at all, things just happen, and that’s the natural order of things. But what about the supernatural order of things? Surely you can chalk it up to forgetfulness as the catalyst behind these happenings, but there are some inconveniences that simply can’t be explained.

Waking up in the middle of the night is one thing that can easily shift from being a mere “inconvenience” to a petrifying moment of panic. These few Reddit users share some of the most terror-inducing moments they’ve ever experienced after waking up in the middle of the night.

#26 Ice Bath

We have a window AC unit basically right above our bed. One night, ice must have gotten built up inside, and it fell onto the fan that blows the air out. I remember hearing a loud bang and then being sprayed in the face by liquid. My first thought was that someone broke in and injured my wife. Absolutely terrifying.