That Escalated Quickly. People Share A Time They Instantly Faced Extreme Danger

Have you ever accidentally been lit on fire? Fallen asleep at the top of a mountain? Tumbled in roller skates down a hill—in the dead of night? Nearly been backed off a cliff by a deranged bus driver? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. There are people who have found themselves in these terrifying situations and somehow managed to escape unscathed! While these experiences may sound non-survivable, there are many who have lived to tell their tales on how they managed to survive extreme danger.

There’s not a person alive who hasn’t found themselves in a precarious situation at one time or another. But has one of these experiences ever made you fear for your life—or nearly taken it? Many unfortunate souls have faced conditions so dangerous that its almost unbelievable they made it out alive. These are horror stories from Reddit users who stumbled into some spine-chilling, treacherous situations and somehow survived!

#25 Dozing Off On A Mountaintop

I was about 19,000 feet (5.7km) up in Tanzania. Felt incredibly drowsy while taking a rest and started dreaming. The guide slapped me on the arm, “Don’t sleep. You die.”

The chuckle and “I’m in danger” came when I realized I felt so awful I might choose sleep.