The People Who Sued Big Corporations and Won

Sometimes when an underdog fights back in a court of law they come out of it a winner and in the process inspire others to stand up for themselves.

Man Wins Big Over Roundup

Dewayne Johnson sued Monsanto, an American agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation, and won. He was awarded $289 million in November of 2018 in this trial but agreed to take a reduced compensation of $78 million.

Johnson was working as a groundskeeper in the school district in Benicia, a city in Solano County, north-east of San Francisco. Part of his job was keeping the school area weed free by spraying hundreds of gallons of Roundup, Monsanto’s (in)famous weed killer.

It Kills More Than Just Weeds

Image: Mike Mozart

It was 2014 when Johnson became ill and was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer. He claimed that it was the Roundup that gave him the terminal disease and sued Monsanto and its parent company for “lost income, pain and suffering.”

After treatment with chemotherapy and other medications, the doctors’ prognosis was very pessimistic. They said he would be lucky if he lived long enough to testify in court. Not only did he testify, he won.