The Weird World of Walmart You Don’t Get to See Everyday

Walmarts can be worlds unto themselves and, is often proven, they’ve been known to provide shopping experiences that can get really, really bizarre at times.

Some Goats Apparently Love the Place

Technically, baby goats are called kids…

Knowing that approximately 270 million customers visit Walmart stores across America and the world every week, the odds are something entirely bizarre and unexpected might pop up every now and then in some locations. Like a shopper with a piggybacking goat.

Since pets aren’t allowed in Walmart, this woman figured that if she put her lovely goat in a baby carrier she might get her shopping done without having to pay a goat-sitter.

Foiled Again

The question is this: was this particular ‘hat’ purchased at a Walmart?

Some say that Walmart is not just a place to go shopping, but it might also be one of the best sources of free entertainment almost anywhere.

Just think about it — where else could you expect to see a lady with such an extravagant foil hat but in a Walmart?

Thanks to all those flamboyant people who love to stop by Walmart wearing their wildest creations, the shopping experience often turns out to be an incredibly fun time too.