Travelers Share Their Most Interesting Culture Shock Experience

If you’re thrown into a new culture without knowing much about it, the result can be pretty jarring; traveling to new locations can bring about a variety of unexpected emotional and physical reactions. Every culture, no matter how small, has its unique quirks and eccentricities, and trying to figure them out for the first time can be stressful. Whether the culture differs only somewhat from your own or makes you feel like you’re on another planet entirely, adjusting to the customs of a new location can produce some intense and confusing situations. These are some of the stories from travelers who experienced cultural shock during their travels and let me say when it comes to culture shock there is not much you can do to be prepared.

45. King Of The Silver Screen

They really love their king in Thailand. The weird part about how much they love him is how they express it at odd times. I went to see The Conjuring 2 in Chiang Mai. Right before the movie started, everyone had to stand up and watch a video montage of the King in his honor. It was considered really rude not to stand. As an American, it made me realize just how creepy our pledge of allegiance must seem. Super weird.