Yesterday and Today’s Unforgettably Inspiring Women

Not all of their names may be known, but every one of the women featured here has played a major role in having not only formed history but continuing to make it as well.

Harriet Chalmers Adams

Chalmers Adams was canoeing down the Amazon River at a time when women were expected to be at home looking after the family. Image: United States Library of Congress

Although not a familiar name to many, Harriet Chalmers Adams lead a very exciting, seat-of-your-pants life.

Her job as a photographer for National Geographic made her life a truly memorable one.

As a founder of the Society of Woman Geographers, she has been to every part of the world.

From canoeing down the Amazon to Turkey, Haiti, Siberia, France and many others, Harriet Chalmers Adams However has seen them all.

Besides her incredible spirit and beautiful travels, Harriet also had a sharp mind.

She was the only female journalist who had access to the trenches of northern France and Belgium in the First World War.

She was a wartime report for Harper’s magazine at that time.

People are still in awe of Chalmers Adams’ photographs and reporting done from the front lines of the war for National Geographic.

Myrtle Simpson

Simpson was the first woman to ski across Greenland. Image:

Myrtle Simpson was a woman with many skills. She was a climber, a skier and also a writer. She was the first woman to ski across Greenland.

She was married to Hugh Simpson. Together they went on numerous expeditions.

Even when she was pregnant with her first child they embarked on a six month trip to the Arctic.

Her life was full of adventures! She journeyed to Peru, the North Pole, China and Lima. All of her work is documented in articles, including features written for National Geographic.

Her greatest achievement, besides skiing across Greenland, is her Polar Medal which she received in 2017.

It was awarded to Simpson for her outstanding work in the field of polar research.