‘You Don’t Know Who Your Husband Is.’ People Share Insane Double-Life Stories

If you think your life is tiring, imagine living two! As much fun as superheroes make it seem, double-lives aren’t very glamorous in reality. Whether someone is having an affair, undercover, in witness protection, or hiding for even stranger reasons, having two or more identities sounds like a lot of work.

For every double-life, imagine the friends, families, colleagues, and more that are a part of it all. Finding out that someone you’re close to isn’t who they say they are can be frustrating, and dealing with the repercussions of uncovering an individual’s true identity is a massive task that often permanently changes the course of all lives involved.

#1 A Five Child, Two-Family Fiasco

A guy I used to work with. He lived in a small country town with his wife and kids. When he was fired from his job (where I worked), he could only find something at his level in the big city 2 hours away.

So he would go to work in the city from Monday to Friday, and home to his wife and kids on the weekends. This went on for years. It came out about 5 years into the arrangement that he wasn’t living in the small city apartment as he said, he was living with his girlfriend, and their 2 kids!

So he had a wife and 3 kids, and a girlfriend with 2 kids (all his). Apparently, the girlfriend knew about the wife, but the wife had no idea about the girlfriend. And his 3 country kids had 2 younger siblings that they knew nothing about.