Climate change might be destroying our much-needed morning cup of coffee. Is this the wake-up call our caffeine-crazed world needs?

If your day can’t officially start until you’ve ingested a decent cup of coffee, the news isn’t great for you when it comes to the state of the coffee plant’s survival globally. Researchers are estimating that in Latin America alone, 88 percent of the farmland relied on to produce much of the coffee you enjoy will be unusable for crops by 2050.

In Ethiopia, where approximately 15 million farmers currently rely on the country’s arabica coffee crop to make their living, rising temperatures combined with decreasing rainfall could result in 60 percent of coffee-growing regions becoming unsuitable. Add to this Central America’s ongoing (and often times losing) battle with coffee rust disease, a fungus that sucks the life out of coffee trees and leaves their fruit unripened, and the future of coffee is looking bleak.

Story by Jay Moon