The Cordyceps Fungus Turns Insects into Zombies

Nature is fascinating. It can be the source of amazing beauty, but it can also be incredibly terrifying.

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Source: ZOL

Zombie Maker

Source: Ian Suzuki

The cordyceps fungus falls in the category of terrifying—it literally makes zombies. But don’t run and hide just yet – there is a bit of good news.

The cordyceps fungus (in all its variations) only attacks insects. We weren’t kidding about the zombie part. The cordyceps fungus invades its insect host and starts by consuming non-vital organs, and that’s just the warm-up.

A Real Control Freak

Source: Miltonius

Next, it spreads to muscles and the brain, where it gains control of the insect’s body.

Source: Susanne Sourell

Mind Control

Source: Bernard Dupont

Zombie-fication ensues when a cocktail of mind controlling chemicals is released that hijacks the nervous system, forcing it to do the bidding of the fungus.

Source: Miltonius