Why Showering Daily is Actually Bad for You

Everyone loves a hot shower, but research suggests our daily scrubbing regiments might be doing our bodies more harm than good. That stinks.

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Stench be damned, a new study is showing you might be right to avoid taking a shower every day.

While slathering your body with an arsenal of aromatic and soothing lotions and soaps might seem like a great idea (especially on the social-interactions front), combining that with scrub-a-dubbing under hot water might not be a great idea.

The University of Utah’s Genetic Science Center has recently published a study that indicates we are over-scrubbing; essentially, wiping out the protective field that makes up what is known as the body’s microbiome.

It’s this microbiome and its accompanying microbes that help keep the body’s immune system and heart in good repair. A steamy shower is fantastic, but you know what else is kinda great? Breathing.

1. It Can Give You Acne

You might think that showering a lot would help prevent things like zits — after all, clean skin should mean no breakouts, right? Wrong.

You are not alone in your body. You are actually part of something called a microbiome, a little walking ecosystem that’s all about you and the bajillion little microbes and bacteria and other microorganisms you carry around with you in delicate balance.

And when you stand there under that lovely hot jet of water every day, you upset that delicate balance.

And guess what one of the potential offshoots of imbalance in your microbiome can be.
Yup. Zits. And eczema. And impetigo. And a host of other dermatological issues you probably think you’re preventing by showing every day.

Get used to irony, friends.

2. It Can Get Rid of Bacteria

Washing your health down the drain for a quick shower.

When you’re shopping around for soap, odds are if you saw something like “anti-bacterial” you’d think that was a good thing.

You know, like you think showering a lot is a good thing. Wrong.
Well, mostly wrong, anyway.

Sure, there are some bacteria you don’t want clinging to your skin and finding its creepy crawly way into your system, and getting rid of that stuff is okay. But that’s just some bacteria.

All that other bacteria on your skin is supposed to be there. You need it to be there.

Without it, you’re prone to a whole lot more than just some unseemly whiteheads. We are talking failures in your immune system, digestive system, and even your respiratory and cardiac systems that can be traced back to a lack of the right bacteria.

Do you really want to wash your health down the drain?

3. It Can Dry Out Your Skin

Showering too often can cause dry skin.