Bees are vital to our survival and the deadly chain reaction that would take place if they become extinct would lead to a global catastrophe.

Honey bees are industrious little scamps. In exchange for the occasional sting, humans reap $30 billion worth of economic benefits from the crops they pollinate. Although bees have some competition on the pollination front from birds, bats and butterflies, they still manage to pollinate 70% of the crops that feed 90% of the planet. With bees gone, a very destruction domino scenario would unfold; bees pollinate plants, which then get consumed by animals. If those animals lose their primary food source…well, you do the math. Meat-eating humans on the planet would be saying goodbye to cows as protein and dairy suppliers, plus birds that rely on bees as their main menu item would soon be wiped out. There’s a rough estimate out there that says with bees gone, mankind would have four years before they found themselves erased from the planet. So the next time a honeybee gets a little too close to you, think twice about using a newspaper to smack it.