Have you heard the news? Mars has ice, and that ice is made from clean water. With this discovery, we’re one step closer to colonizing Mars.

There’s long been a theory amongst those that make their living studying the vastness above our heads that is outer space, and that theory revolved around Mars once having massive snowfalls that would build up on the red planet’s surface. Scientists have had good reason to speculate that where there’s snow there could be water, and what was once theory is now confirmed: Mars has water on it, and that’s very big news when it comes to mankind’s future plans for colonizing the planet.

Thanks to information relayed from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), NASA has found eight sites across the planet that contain substantial ice pockets that are only feet under the Mars’ rocky surface. Estimated to be less than a million years old (which in the geological circles is quite young for this type of thing), this clean water clears a major barrier scientists have been working on since the subject of colonizing Mars was first discussed. And with Elon Musk predicting the SpaceX program could be landing humans on Mars in as little as seven years, knowing reachable, usable water is there brings the prospect of life on Mars one step closer to reality.

Story by Jay Moon