Something weird is happening to the Gulf Stream current

The Gulf Stream current is the weakest its been in 1600 years. What's going on?

The Gulf Stream delivers warm water from the equator to the North Atlantic. Right now, the current is the weakest it’s been in over 1600 years. If the Gulf collapses, the results could be extremely dangerous. The Gulf Stream is weakening due to the rush of fresh water from melting ice caps. For the stream to carry its warm water north, it needs a certain density.
Once it reaches its destination, it releases its heat, sinks, and returns south. Fresh water mixing with the salt water reduces its density, and prevents the Gulf stream from sinking.
If too much fresh water enters the current, it could come to an abrupt halt… along with the warm temperatures it provides. It would trigger deadly hurricanes in the United States.
The Gulf Stream is responsible for warming up most of western Europe. Without it, Europe would experience long, harsh winters. Fossil records show that the current stopped before, thousands of years ago. But if it does happen, climate change might counter-act the colder temperatures.
So Europeans might still get a couple summer months.