Thought lactating was exclusive to women? Think again.

Ever wonder why men have nipples? At first glance they don’t offer much besides a symetrical chest. But did you know mens nipples can produce breast milk? Although rare, human men have an easier time producing milk than other male mammals.It all has to do with milk producing mammary gland found in both men and women. Females have an easier time producing prolactin – the hormone that enables lactation. In rare cases, men can lactate naturally.

During World War II, thousands of male prisoners in concentration camps produced breast milk. Malnourished, their prolactin producing glands and their livers began to shut down. Once properly nourished, their hormones skyrocketed and they started to lactate.

There have been cases where men lactate through nipple stimulation. Men can also inject prolactin if they ever want to breastfeed without the suffering. One day, instead of just mother’s milk… maybe both parents will nurse the baby.