Are you getting enough water?

Tough day at the office? Feeling drained? Then drink up! Your body needs water to survive. But do you know how much?

Do you know why water is so important? Because you’re important! And roughly 75% of you, is water.

Approximately 2/3 of your weight is water, but some parts of you are wetter than others. Here’s the breakdown: Your brain and your heart: 73% water. Each. Your lungs are nearly to 90% water. Your blood is 83%, your muscles are 75%, your skin is 64%, and your bones are 22%. We could do this all day, but, first, go on, take a sip. And then another one. We all need roughly 2 liters of water per day – at minimum. That comes to about 8 to 10 glasses. So are you getting enough? Do you know what will happen if you don’t?

Headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness, and dizziness. These are just the mild symptoms of dehydration. It’s estimated you can’t go more than a week without water. Severe dehydration can trigger shock, seizures, high fever and a fast heart rate. The risk of slipping into a coma is high; push your luck, and the risk of death is certain.

So why? Why is water important? What exactly does it do for you? Well, first of all, it’s how nutrients and oxygen get to all your cells. And before you say, “”no, blood does that,”” remember that your blood is mostly water. And not only does water transport the good things through your body, it takes out the bad. Through urination, perspiration, and defecation, water flushes out waste and toxins.

Perspiration, of course, is also crucial to temperature control. But it’s not just about cooling you down on a hot day. You see, our body creates energy through a series of chemical reactions. These reactions are triggered by enzymes, and they work their best within a specific temperature range. Water, as the key component to metabolism and perspiration, keeps your body at a moderate temperature, so that your enzymes can do their job.

Oh yeah, water pretty much surrounds all your organs and joints. If you jump, or fall, water will cushion you. Think of it as your biological shock absorber. Actually, think about it as the reason you’re here, alive, on this earth, enjoying your day.

So celebrate! Make a splash! But don’t take water for granted.