What if you actually did see dead people? Not in a Sixth Sense kind of way, but in an ‘inexplicable mass resurrection’ kind of way?

Not in a Walking Dead kind of way, but in a “Holy cow, grandma’s back!” kind of way. While this might sound like a great opportunity to catch up with lost loved ones, and to meet some of your heroes…

It would actually be horrible.

Today, there are more humans alive on Earth than there have ever been in the history of humanity. And yet, that’s not really saying much — there are still way more dead people.

Our current global population is 7.7 billion, which is a lot; but it also only accounts for 7% of all the humans who’ve ever lived on this planet. If we go back about 200,000 years ago when modern humans began to evolve and counted all the humans who have been born between then and now, well, you’d be looking at a crowd of about 108 billion people.

Now imagine all of those people alive right now. How long do think you’ll last?

Some scientists believe that our planet can support a maximum 10 billion people. And according to UN projections, we’ll reach that number by the year 2100. Now, still scary, but at least that gives us some time to come up with solutions for overpopulation on Earth.

So suppose you’re thinking about it over a cup of coffee one day, and you look up, and you see someone you haven’t seen in a long time… because they’re dead.

But they’re not anymore! In fact, everyone who’s ever lived on Earth is miraculously brought back to life! Only it’s not a miracle, it’s a crisis. A food crisis.

Space isn’t even the main problem, since, throughout all of human history, until about the last few decades, most humans lived in rural areas; and that’s probably where most of the resurrected would return to.

Ironically, despite having enough land to fit everyone, we wouldn’t have enough available farmland to feed everyone!

So far, we’ve already brought about a third of the world’s arable land under cultivation, and that was to feed what is now only 7% of the total population. There’s simply no way we’d be able to feed 100 billion people.

Under these constraints, 90% of the world’s population would easily die of starvation within two months. And that’s not even including deaths that would arise from the world war ensuing over resources, which, honestly, would be a really unfair fight.

While it’s a totally impossible scenario, it does give you something to think about. How many people can our world comfortably fit?

What will we have to change in order to accommodate the growing population? Or will things simply change on their own?

The UN claims that in recent years, families around the world have been getting smaller, and fertility rates are decreasing. But is it too little, too late?

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