You might want to roll back your Google searches, because they might be contributing to climate change.

If you want to be a true environmentalist you might want to limit your Google searches. That’s because every one of your searches causes CO2 emissions.

The Internet relies on millions of physical servers, all requiring energy to run. A lot of that energy burns fossil fuels, and emits carbon dioxide into the air, adding fuel to the greenhouse effect, and climate change.
Google executes 3.5 billion searches a day, resulting in 40% of the Internet’s carbon footprint.

Trees clean the air we breathe by ‘inhaling’ CO2 and ‘exhaling’ oxygen. Every second, Google produces enough CO2 for 23 trees to suck up.
Google is trying its best to combat the problem by building energy efficient data centers. The company is actually carbon neutral, and invests in clean energy programs.
If you want to help, instead of Googling everything you don’t understand, try going to the library. Just don’t take your car!