Your Body Minus DNA: Could You Survive?

DNA - three letters that represent the building blocks upon which the entire human body is constructed. If our DNA vanished, what happens to us?

Consider this: our bodies have 37 trillion cells that are constantly working overtime to keep our flesh and bone machine running smoothly. Let’s say in an effort to make their job a little easier we did some major housecleaning and eliminated all the DNA from our bodies entirely. What would happen to us? Would there even be an ‘us’ after that, or would we just be a puddle of genetic material on the floor wishing we had more faith in our cells’ abilities to reproduce?

Deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule composed of four chemical bases: adenine,  guanine, cytosine and thymine. It is the foundation upon which our bodies are built, acting like a genetic development road map. Taking DNA out of the human body is the equivalent of taking a sledgehammer to the foundation of a very, very nice house. You don’t always appreciate the brick and mortar that holds the place up, but you sure would notice quickly when it’s gone and the chimney comes through the wall and the staircases start collapsing.

So getting rid of our DNA would not be the brightest of ideas any member of the human race has had. The nucleotides that make up our DNA act like glue – albeit a very complex glue constructed of phosphate and sugar groups. Those 37 trillion cells we mentioned earlier rely on our DNA for direction as well, since without DNA around to tell everyone what to do our bodies would fall apart-fast.

If we ever did get so far as to be able to extract all of our DNA, the unlucky individuals that found themselves in the position of having three of the most important letters the human body knows removed would come to a very painful demise. Picture skin falling off the bones while digestive acid burned a hole through the stomach and into the abdomen. It sounds bad on paper, and chances are excellent it would be even worse in real-world situation.

Our DNA is our friend. Let’s not be giving it the boot anytime soon, okay?

Story by Jay Moon