Don’t worry, everybody-robots haven’t figured out how to take over the world…yet. However, humans are programming them to do some crazy stuff.

Are technological advances in artificial intelligence getting to the point where humans are essentially in the early stages of programming the end of humanity at the hands of what we now consider to be just robotic minions? It’s been commonplace for decades that robots are replacing people in the manufacturing sector, and looking forward surgeons might be sweating a little more as C-3PO’s relatives start moving into the operating room. Being able to perform a complicated task is one thing, but will robots ever reach the point where they feel a sense of pride in what they’ve accomplished?

That ability to feel a true emotional response to a given task might be what saves mankind from a potential future filled with vengeance-seeking robotic overlords. As we continue to tiptoe through roboticist Masahiro Mori’s uncanny valley, scientists are still striving to create an artificial intelligent being that senses and displays true emotional states; one that can empathize, sympathize, care. And it’s that caring part that might keep the Destructo-Bots of the future from taking over the world – our friendly robo-pals won’t let them.

Story by Jay Moon