Why Animals No Longer Need to Die for Our Leather Shoes

An American company has invented an industry-changing, fashion-friendly leather product that will definitely have cows breathing easier.
Source: Pixabay
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PETA is notoriously known for taking drastic measures to advocate for the rights of animals everywhere. From throwing fake blood on fur sporting celebrities to interrupting book signings with a flash protest, their means are quite extreme.

The conditions of these leather farms are less than ethical

Whether a vast majority of individuals agree with their mission or not, one thing is certain; the ruthless abuse of animals for commercial or personal gain is wrong. Yearly, over one billion animals are killed to support the leather trade.

Species such as cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs are most commonly captured for economic usage. The conditions of these leather farms are less than ethical. Issues such as overcrowding, deprivation, branding, and overall abuse are prevalent.