Earth’s Biggest and Creepiest Insects

Sometimes size does matter, especially when you’re staring at a bug that is as freaky-looking as it is big (or small).

Goliath Beetle

Can you lift 850 times your own weight? Allow us to introduce you to a creature that can. Image:

An adult Goliath beetle can easily reach almost 11.5 centimeters (4.5 inches) in length and weigh in at 57 grams (two ounces). Plus, they are insanely strong creatures who can lift approximately 850 times their own weight.

Goliath beetles have been around on our planet for about 300 million years.

They like warm and humid conditions of rainforests, but they can also live outside of their natural habitat and even be kept as pets!

Source: Goliath beetle

Palin Nawab Caterpillar

It looks like a dragon, but eventually turns into something much more lite and photogenic. Image: Eko Adiyanto / Caters News

This image shows one of the most peculiar caterpillars who could easily be mistaken for a whimsical Chinese dragon when enlarged through a camera lens.

However, its real-life size is pretty small so its dramatic features like horns, skin pattern and color could easily go unnoticed. Thanks to sharp eyes of photographers, we can all marvel at the beauty and oddness of many caterpillars all over the globe.

Source: Life History of the Plain Nawab