Life in Russia is More Bizarre Than You Think – Copy

Mother Russia has always been a country shrouded in secrecy, exactly the reason why you probably don’t know about many of the country’s more peculiar aspects.

They Have a Thing for Odd Numbers

t’s not all about lucky number seven in Russia, but even numbers are never seen as a good thing

If you’re thinking about bestowing a bouquet of roses on your better half while in Russia, think twice about making it an even dozen.

You’d be better off making 11, or 13. A simple rule to keep things straight: even numbers in Russia are bad luck or reserved for somber occasions.

When it comes to choosing flowers within a relationship, even the specific number has significance. Three flowers signify you are head over heels about someone. One flower means that person is ‘the one’, and showing up with seven flowers means there’s an engagement proposal on the way.