The People You Know and Their Secrets They Don’t Want You To

Behind every face telling a story, there are a thousand more tales not being told. Usually, that’s for good reason.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, a man deservedly recognized as a courageous fighter for freedom, justice, equality, human rights and dignity, was also a man who loved women very much.

According to biographer David James Smith, he was known as a very intelligent ladies man known by his political colleagues for having multiple simultaneous affairs.

He was married three times, most recently to Graça Machel (1998 to 2013), Winnie Mandela (1958 to 1996) and Evelyn Mase (1944 to 1958).

Mother Teresa

Much admired and highly esteemed during her life, Mother Teresa was canonized after death, becoming Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Just how saintly was, or wasn’t she?

There is little doubt the world famous protector of the sick, abandoned and rejected wasn’t rejecting money at all, not even when it came from questionable origins — like cults.

What has always raised a suspicious eyebrow is no one really knows what she did with it all, despite her care clinics receiving over $70 million in donations yearly.